Saturday, February 19, 2011

Upcoming Classes in March

I have had a busy week and finalizing my plans for Bead Fest Santa Fe. I am excited to be teaching one of my new classes Cold Casting with Resin and Bronze Powder.

Cold Casting with Bronze Powder and Resin:  Students will learn to make molds and cold cast with bronze powder/resin. Much like metal clay the bronze, in powder state, is added to a binder. In cold casting the binder is resin. All though the casted piece will not be sinister by a kiln, the resin becomes its binder, and the final piece looks and feels much like traditional metal.

As soon as I get back I will be getting ready to teach at the Art Glass and Bead Show in Madison, March  26 and 27th, 2011. I will be teaching a variety of classes including the above Cold Casting Class and another new class Pave'.

Create the look of Pave’ with CREATE YOUR STYLE - SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and two-part epoxy clay. Epoxy Clay can be molded, colored and adorned with Swarovski Elements to emulate the look of pave. With the range of bezels and channel settings on the market now is a great time to add this technique to your mix to enhance and customize all your jewelry pieces.

I will also be teaching a joint class I am excited to share with Brenda Schweder, author of Steel Wire Jewelry (just released through Lark Books). Brenda will be sharing some of her secrets to creating wire forms out of steel wire that we will then be finishing and filling with resin. Make sure to join us both for Arrested Flight Butterfly.

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