Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 - A fresh start!!!

I am taking a hard look at what lies ahead for me in 2012, as I am sure everyone else is doing, including my goals both personal and work related. Looking at how I can balance both my personal and professional life...hopefully a little better! Regrouping and reorganizing so that I can be more efficient and more I recently found out there is no magic drug or formula for anything it will require hard work, dedication and discipline.  It is a new year, I am ready...bring it on.

I have made progress...I have cleaned out the studio, enlisted the help of my ipad to try some new sketchbook task apps and made my list of goals. First on the list is to blog more and update facebook and twitter more often. It is only the 3rd and I am getting to the blog and once I post this it will push to my face book and twitter I am covered, for at least today.

I also thought it a good time to post and update everyone on my teaching schedule so far for 2012. My schedule is filling up with some of my favorite places to teach like Bead Fest and a few new shows I am excited to be part of Create Your Style - TucsonJewelry Tools - Tucson Electric Park and Art Unraveled. See class schedule to the right and check back for additions through the year.

A few of my other goals are to paint more (I promise to post work as it is progressing through it's stages), do more mixed media work (both larger works and new jewelry pieces) in encaustic, resin, epoxy and metal clays and take my work to a new level.

As I do all of this I hope to be better at keeping my blog, face book and twitter up-to-date so that you can follow me on my 2012 journey. Wishing everyone all the best and success in 2012!!!!!