Sunday, November 30, 2014

It has been a year dedicated to regrouping, re-evaluating and slowing down to a managing level. I would say I have had some success and getting closer to that vision of how I see the next years of my life. I have a very clear vision....1. spending as much quality time with my children as the become young adults and moving forward with their own is bitter sweet but I am looking forward to seeing their own lives take shape and being there as much as possible with out becoming a "stalker" parent. 2. Taking inventory on friends and family and investing my energy in those invested in me. 3. Although I have been blessed to use my creative side through the is time to get back to the artistic pursuit I miss the most...Painting, Oils, Encaustic and Mix Media (through jewelry design at times). 4. Slowing down and allowing myself the luxury to just relax.

Next I will put together the list of steps to accomplish these things. 1st on the list, don't add to the list, just do, if you can complete the task in under ten minutes. One thing I don't do I keep transferring it to the next list...keep you posted on my progress...below Inspiration!!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Holidays

As we are closing up one year and heading into a new year it is always a great time to refelect on the past and look forward to the future. I am sure if your year was like mine you had many moments that bring a smile and many that have been hard. All footprints of who we are.

As I look ahead I am encouraged about the possibilities but yet saddened by the tragedies that are now part of countries history. I hope in 2013 all the people and communities effected are able to start to heal, that others who have hardships can also heal and find hope. I hope we are all able to find the strength we need and are able to find joy some times in the simplist things around us. Till 2013

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nunn Designs just put up the nicest blog post about my art...Thank You!

Artisan Spotlight: Debbi Simon
How Debbi Simon finds the time to do all that she does, I just don’t know. Besides being my ad rep for InterweavePublications, she always seems to show up somewhere teaching a class, being featured in a magazine, or offering video classes at Craftsy or Beaducation
Read more in today's blog post:

As CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI Ambassador me newest online class for Craftsy is now available and features epoxy clay and of course crystals. Follow this link for a discount to my class.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Get away for a retreat - everyone needs some regrouping some time.

Looking to get away and be creative...I know I am! Join me at Bead Fest Santa Fe. Santa Fe couldn't be more inspirational. Although it is feeling like spring in Milwaukee it will still be great to get away and clear my head a little. I am teaching classes in resin and epoxy clay of course with crystals...take a look.