Sunday, February 28, 2010

This weekend was great for cleansing the soul and being creative. I have been working hard on a few new encaustic paintings I am very excited about and will be able to share after a few finishing touches. I was also able to try a new restaurant I have wanted to try. The atmosphere and company was great including a nice glass of wine…also good for cleansing the soul.

It was also a great weekend of catching up on art projects and business. For those interested I am teaching resin three weekends in March and still have a few spots open in Santa Fe and Madison. See my class schedule below. Be that as it may I have a lot to get ready for the classes. Ordering supplies, new samples and some new bezel molds I am introducing to the classes. My students will be able to order these first…look for them soon on my website. I am also in the process of putting together a resin workbook available soon. So, yes I have been busy.

I am so looking forward to Santa Fe, a place I haven’t been to before and hear it is a great artist community. The warm weather will be a pleasant diversion from Wisconsin’s end of winter drab…. that seems to linger on. Yes, I still have my Christmas tree up. The $20 bill I set out for both kids wasn’t enough to entice them to take it down. So I am $40 richer and will tackle it this week. It is bad when $20 isn’t enticing…oh well. Look for some new images this week…

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  1. Maybe I could be your class assistant in Santa Fe, huh? I might put you over the 50-pound luggage weight limit though! ;)