Monday, July 11, 2011

My Top TEN resin Tips

1. To ensure curing success make sure you have a drop or two extra hardener in batch.
2. Remember TOO much extra hardener your piece will yellow (there is a delicate balance).
3. Baby wipes are the best studio wipe to have on hand.
4. Parchment makes a nice non-stick surface to cure resined paper.
5. Mold everything you come across (two-part silicone putty)
6. Color - if you thought of it...try it! (remember, if liquid color add extra hardener if powder just mix in.)
7. Layer objects and art in multiple pours for extra depth.
8. Look in the kids toy many treasures to mold and cast.
9. Pearl Ex mica powders create great effects.
10. To learn more of my tips link to and download my FREE Bezel, Bezel resin class. 40 minutes of tips and techniques for's easy.

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